You have crossed the border into the Log Normal Nation.

The topics here are politics, business, economics, and investment.  We regard this landscape using a double-edged approach. First we interpret political and economic events in terms of human motivation, which is the ultimate driver in these realms.  Who wins, who loses, and why? Second, we try to assess the market impact of both secular events and Acts of God in terms of statistics, risk analysis, portfolio theory and other mathematical tools. Make no mistake, this is not the faculty lounge. This is a place where logical, mathematically literate people of all stripes come to discuss and understand the way things really are, rather than the way the models say they should be. We attempt to use our training, skills, insight, and experience to survive and prosper in this ever-changing and sometimes perverse world.


About LogNormal

Log Normal was trained as an engineer and holds a PhD in engineering with a concentration in applied mathematics. He has made a living standing in front of a University lecture hall, working in a laboratory, running a wide area network, writing device drivers, doing classified stuff for the Department of Defense, in field sales, product development, and as the founder and partner of a couple different businesses. These days, he teaches, consults, writes, works with financial derivatives, shoots, hunts, trades, and makes photographs using old-school film cameras. He is a licensed insurance broker, and Extra-class amateur radio operator, a CAIA charterholder, and a perpetual student of the game. One of his favorite places is the region around the Arabian Gulf, where the profile pic was taken.
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